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Well, its that time of year again. The time of year when the center of the county moves from Elizabethtown of Lake Placid and heads to Westport for five days of fun and entertainment.

It’s fair time.

As like in other years, I always look on this week fondly. It brings up some of the best memories of youth, and also some of the best memories of adulthood as I have watched my kids run around, jump on rides, take part in events and grow up having that same love for the fair that my parents instilled in me as a child.

As I was up in the fair office the other day, I was saying that there were two things that I missed from my youth at the fair: the couch in the former fair office where I took many a nap and the cooler where I took many a Mountain Dew.

In coming up with this year’s all things fair column, I have decided to list what I believe are some of the ky not-miss events (and other stuff) that will be at the 164th edition of the fair:

• Baconburgers: the annual stand by the Kiwanis Club of Elizabethtown is always a favorite stop. Could I make them at home - sure. Would it be the same - not a chance.

• Anything that has the word “contest” in it: That word can be preceded by milking, pudding eating, whatever, its always fun to see someone with a face full of food or trying to figure out why there’s no milk coming out when they squeeze.

• Duffer Borden Fair Collection: If you did not get the chance to see the collection of trinkets and memorabilia that was displayed by his widow, Bertha, then you missed out. The collection is near priceless, with miniature rides and figures that all wrap around the fair, something that Duffer was very passionate about throughout his life.

Keith Lobdell is the editor of the Valley News. Contact him at keith@denpubs.com.

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