Turning Back the Pages

Nathan’s murderous attack on the Conners child, which he stabbed 41 times, stirred the whole nation. He left an open letter unaddressed and unsigned. In part it said, “I am guilty and I am insane. It was caused by the beautiful makeup of women.”

Auto party escapes death

A serious automobile accident occurred the morning of July 25, 1912 three miles north of Luzerne on the Lake George Road, at a point where the Porteous bridge spans a creek, when a party of five, A. Boquecash, owner of the car and Mrs. Boquecash, together with their daughter and Mr. and Mrs. St.Onge of Pittsfield, Mass., were thrown out of their machine.

The driver lost control of the auto as it neared the bridge. The car ran up one of the protecting arms of the structure and turned completely over into the bridge. Had it gone into the creek the entire party would have been killed. All of the occupants were more or less injured and suffered greatly from the shock. One man was seriously injured and all were taken to the home of George Dunkley near the scene of the accident. A telephone call was sent to Luzerne for Dr. George Thompson and the badly damaged car was towed to Luzerne for repairs.

Mother bear suffers beating

While on their way home recently from fighting a forest fire near the Upper Iron Works in Newcomb, Joseph Lamb, Fred Gregory and several others caught two baby bear cubs. The mother did not fancy the idea of having her young kidnapped and she put up a stiff fight, but was finally beaten off with clubs.

Adirondack weather

One month it rains too much, another month it rains too little. One month it is too sunny, another month it is too cloudy. The winter is cold, the spring is raw, the summer is hot and the fall is wet. It is an abominable climate and not what it used to be.

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