Ticonderoga crosswalks get attention

To the Times of Ti:

Recently I wrote a letter complaining that the crosswalks in Ticonderoga were not visible and needed attention. I stated that I would gladly volunteer to do the work but was limited because of my age and afflictions! I promised to give $100 to start a fund to get the crosswalks painted and on Wednesday, June 20, I met with Ti Supervisor Debra Malaney and presented her with a check made out to the “Ticonderoga Montcalm Street Partnership for the $100!

Supervisor Malaney informed me that the organization was formed to enhance the Ti business district giving it a welcoming appearance! The organization is a non-profit and donations are appreciated! There is even a website at www.timainstreet.org where one can obtain more information as to what is happening at present.

I was very pleased as I would guess other residents were, to see the highway department at work on repainting traffic and parking areas throughout town.

Soon the crosswalks will be repainted and I am told by Supervisor Malaney that the town is trying to get a grant to put in crosswalks such as has been done in Bolton Landing and other towns in the area! Hopefully this will happen but a letter to one’s representative at the federal or state level may help this become a reality!

I thank Supervisor Malaney and Mike Parent of the highway department for responding to my alert with regard to the crosswalks.

Gary P. Guido


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