Medicine more than spanking is needed

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Three meth labs, sexual assaults, murder, suicide, a bank robber claiming he had a gun, a pharmacy thief passing notes about a knife, and countless acts of degradation, cruelty, violence and inhumanity unaccounted for.

Does this mean crime in Plattsburgh and the surrounding region is increasing?

Is there a growing army of criminals lurking in dark alleys, waiting at home to pounce with their hoodies and shades, cooking meth while Susie swings from the maple tree across the street?

I don’t have a clue.

Actually, this reminds me of Clinton County Sherriff Dave Favro and his insistence that society focus on the root of the problem instead of reacting to the results. I don’t know if he and I agree on all the snarled roots of growing problems, but I agree with where the focus should be placed and applaud him.

Too much energy is rammed into reacting to social ills. Even investigations, whether by law enforcement or social services, while required, are a reaction to a spreading sickness.

I’m no pioneer in suggesting focus be placed on the problem’s inspiration and breaking dysfunctional cycles, as nearly every expert and survivor says the same.

Yet a persistent and sometimes aggressive segment of society consistently demands government slash funding to “entitlement programs,” which include social services, education, a range of proactive, therapeutic approaches and more. I’m consistently confused by this, because that same group wants less crime – some of them could care less about the suffering of others so I will leave that out – yet their demands would result in more robberies and murders and sexual assaults and so on and so forth until even the statistics are cuffed and charged with assault.

These same groups, like many, often want fewer taxes and less governmental spending, yet prisons are not cheap and more criminals means more cops.

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