Fried dough and fun

Karsen Colby hangs out with a clown before going to see the horses at the Clinton County Fair.

Karsen Colby hangs out with a clown before going to see the horses at the Clinton County Fair. Photo by Stephen Bartlett.

But 100 pounds? I decided I didn’t need to uncover the truth that badly and pressed on.

“Are you with the news?”

I turned toward the voice behind me to find three children playing Beer Bust or break a bottle. A woman and the carny running the game watched the children hurling baseballs like big league pitchers in training, shouting and bouncing on the tips of their toes at the rare sound of a shattered bottle.

“This is his first year,” said Tammy LaMora, pointing at her son, five-year-old Brady, as the boy sent a fast ball between two bottles. “He wanted to play the game. It’s fun, except it’s very expensive.”

Brady’s older brother, Kyle, preferred the bumper cars.

“It’s fun running into people.”

Then, the 13 year old picked up a baseball and fired away, his first pitch greeted by exploding glass.

Kyle glanced at me without smiling and picked up another ball.

I turned to locate fried dough but a chocolate covered banana stopped me in my tracks as my belly rumbled.

Fortunately for my wallet I spotted a mother and father with their little girl in a pink cowboy hat, sitting at a picnic bench and eating. A small-town America fair shot tied in a bow of cuteness if I ever saw one.

“We came here for the 4-H show,” said Walt Wnuk as I sat with the family.

“We like to come here because there is a lot to offer the whole family,” Michelle Wnuk said.

“And I like the horses,” chirped six-year-old Abby. “I’ve been riding two years.”

After I took the photo I thanked them and turned to leave when Abby smiled and said, “And I ride the carousel. It has horses.”

I made a pit stop at Southwest Design to purchase Thai pants for my fiancé, Erica, and briefly spoke with Yvonne Swaby, who was running the shop for her boyfriend. She said she likes interacting with people and prefers fairs over working in the store.

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