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To the Valley News:

In October of 2011, when we were offered the exciting opportunity to become the 24th owners of The Westport Hotel & Tavern, we were told by some, “You are flatlanders, you may not be fully accepted as true Westport residents.” Our friends in Pennsylvania were astounded that we would quit our jobs and sell our home to come to Westport. However, we followed our dreams and hearts and the moving van, wide-eyed and optimistic, anxious to fulfill Wayne and Doris’s legacy. We arrived in Westport on Jan. 20, and on Jan. 21, we began renovations from the front door to the back. We dismissed any negativity and with genuine enthusiasm and 15 hour days (7 days a week), we worked to create a place where guests and townspeople could stay, eat and drink in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. I used the term ”worked, “ but honestly, we were having fun! As the Westport Hotel & Tavern began to transform, our enthusiasm grew and on April 11, when we opened our new doors, I remember looking at each other and saying “I hope they come!” And, you did!

It is with heartfelt appreciation that we say “Thank you for embracing us as your neighbors and allowing us to serve you!” We never looked back, we truly have no regrets and have never been happier. Westport is our home now and we feel so blessed. Never once did you make us feel like “outsiders.” We have said many times that we have more great friends here than we ever did before, in Pennsylvania!

Many of you have said “Thank you” to us…but truthfully, the “thanks” come from us to ALL OF YOU!

We will do our best to make certain, when you walk through our doors, you feel welcomed and special! We really can’t put into words our true appreciation for your friendships and the way you welcomed us into your extraordinary community.

We look forward to lots of fun, future events too, including “Dinner and a Movie Night,” “Hawaiian Luau” on 9/1, horse drawn sleigh rides (hot toddies included!) and beautiful holiday decorations in December, a Thanksgiving Feast and a New Year’s Eve Gala including E’town Express, buffet dinner, discounted room rates and a breakfast buffet you will want to wake up for! Also, entree, appetizer and drink specials will be ongoing! (Steamed little necks are in! Our drink special this week is an Island Life Saver!)

Again, our sincere thanks to all,

Jim and Jayne Vance (Jesse Bella too!)


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