Keeseville dissolution draft study picks third option

The home page of the Keeseville dissolution study committee’s website, keeseville.ning.com.

The home page of the Keeseville dissolution study committee’s website, keeseville.ning.com.

— The Keeseville Dissolution Committee will go with the last of three options that were presented during the May public meeting for its draft plan.

“The revisions that were made to the study based on the money that Gerald and Sandi estimated would be lower than option two,” Rondout Consulting’s Tim Weidmann said. “Those numbers created option three.”

Weidmann said that the Keeseville committee was unique because most dissolution studies that he had worked on in the past did not have active participation from the town — or in the case of Keeseville, towns — that were affected by a potential elimination of village government.

“Usually, we do not have anyone on the committee that is formally representing the towns,” Weidmann said. “The best people to hear that from are the ones that will be in charge afterward because it will be their butts that are on the line if this goes forward.”

Weidmann said that the other two options were taken off the table after Consulting with Chesterfield Supervisor Gerald Morrow and Sandy Senecal of Ausable.

“Option one we took off the table before we even went to the public meeting and option two, there were concerns that the estimates in some areas were too high,” he said. “When we made the changes to create option three, we had a couple of other costs that we had not allocated from the village budget that we needed to. They were not attributed to specific services.”

Weidmann said that overall, the numbers were created based on the input from the committee and their conservative estimates.

“We wanted to come up with what people agree will be the best relative estimates of the costs,” he said.

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