Upset with bar

After a while, I was able to locate a couple of attorney's in Lake Placid and at last faxed the present President of the Bar Association. So Far, nothing in the way of a reply, nor a gentle nudge to the stalled cases I have in 4 towns and 1 village in Essex County.

I can only conclude that the Residents of Essex County can and should expect more from Local Lawyers and perhaps the Board of Supervisors might consider some kind of

Civilian Oversight. I am sure the collective response of the Lawyers will be some kind of Mumbo-Jumbo Hocus Pocus that Ignorant Taxpayers lack the critical skills needed to

Oversee Lawyers doing badly.

I don't recall ever hearing about any Lawyer in Essex County when acting as President of the Bar Association do anything other than promoting self interests mostly in making tidy sums of money...

William Kuntz, III


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