Upset with bar

I should like to bring to your attention the very very sad condition of the so called Essex County Bar Association. Over the past several years, I have accumulated a nice collection of stalled small claims actions in several town justice courts, mostly over cars that were “disappeared” while I was serving a County Year in Jail for Contempt of Court.

Putting aside the issues like never being given a Court Hearing when the former County Judges of Essex County put aside almost 1,000 years of Common Law Rights of English Speaking Peoples to be free from "secret" Court Proceedings, I have been trying to go around and properly collect on any number of cars that I did have and no longer have and nobody can more or less explain. I don't recall any episodes of Outer-Space Aliens visiting Essex County stealing cars, so I assume that most ended up scrapped with the thieves pocking the cash. I am out many thousands of dollars.

Nor can I get the State Police to do much, except take offense at my emails.

For example, I had a 1974 450 SEL Mercedes Benz in a small barn at 70 S Main Street, Westport, and for the better part of a year, I asked NYSP to check on it. I got a nice collection of evasive email letters ending up with the NYSP blocking my email to them.

I find this interesting in that Car Insurance Policies in New York at hit with an anti-theft surcharge. Most people would have to agree that in the hundreds of drive-by's on Rt 22 that a NYSP Trooper could have stopped and checked the VIN number, giving me a blotter entry to confirm the date and time the car went missing.

So I wrote the State Magistrates Assocation several times with no reply. I did not make the typical kind of mistake of sueing a sitting town justice which so often happens nor did I make some kind of wild-eyed complaint to the Judicial Commission. I have waited and watched and at last wrote the Essex County Bar Association care of the County Court Clerk. My letter was forwarded to Malone to the Franklin County Bar President and it took a while to sort that out.

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