It doesn’t take thousands of dollars to land a fish

To the Times of Ti:

I disagree with Hammond on fishing tournaments. Dear Howard, you will have a hard time convincing me that big bass boys are anything but overgrown children out tearing up our lakes with over powered boats and sophisticated fishing gear. Since when does it take 100 thousand dollars worth of fishing gear to out wit a fish. Don’t need flashy pant suits, hundred dollar glasses, expensive deck shoes, or tons of lures. What happened to blending into nature to harvest it? The same result could be had using a dingy, baggy jeans, a bamboo pole, and a bobber with a real worm. Too bad we have to share our lakes and docks with out of staters, with glitzy mega boats, whose only concern is winnig big bucks.

Ive been pushed out of the ramp, almost capsized by the wakes, and near run over while swimming during these tournaments, and what about all the smaller pan fish that get hooked and yanked in, only to become stinky floaters because of torn mouths and busted bladders. Sure you throw the big ones back. Too bad in times like these of dwindling resources, someone came up with the idea of baiting fisherman with the idea of getting rich using a sport that used to be simply pleasure.

Good luck Big Bass Boys on your next fishing harvest. I hope your wives are out there in town shopping, trying to even up on your expenditures.

Randy Boutilier,

Port Henry

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