Turning Back the Pages

A number of sharp flashes seemed to strike nearby and without warning a bolt hit the roof of the mill. Tearing through the shingles, the lightning worked its way along the rafters striking La Clair who stood near one of the posts used for support.

World news

Mrs. Sarah Platt Decker, the Colorado suffragist leader, died at the Adler Sanitarium in San Francisco. She was attending the annual meeting of the National Federation of Woman’s Clubs when stricken.

An operation earlier to remove gallstones was performed July 5, 1912 and the surgeons said it was successful. They removed one stone as large as an egg from the intestinal canal but the next day Mrs. Decker began to sink and she slowly passed away. (Note…It wasn’t until 1920 that woman’s suffrage was written into the US constitution.)

In other news, 43 passengers were killed — and four more later died — in a rear-end collision between two Lackawanna trains in Gibson, N.Y. The injured numbered 60 people. Many of the victims were excursionists bound for Niagara Falls from New York.

Law suit settled out of court

A neighbor’s quarrel was transferred on July 11, 1912 from the Hutchin’s Lake locality to Justice Hodgson’s court on King Street, Warrensburgh.

In a big pasture adjoining Ira Wilsey’s farm a horse owned by his neighbor James Swan, was turned out. Ira claimed that the horse strayed onto his land several times and damaged his crops. He told neighbor Jim to take care of his horse or there would be something doing. Jim claimed that he knew nothing of the alleged trespass.

Ira finally decided to protect himself so the next time that the animal appeared he toted out his old shotgun and peppered the horse’s hide full of No. 4 bird shot. Jim was mad! “I’ll law ye, b’gosh,” he told Ira and he did.

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