There is no place like Ticonderoga

For a moment I felt sad thinking they might walk right by with their head down, and not even stop to say hello. That is how I expected most things in the world to operate, lately.

It was much different when I was a child. The ice cream truck would zoom around town in late summer afternoon’s playing a melodic tune and summoning the children. We would leap to the street and hang on the window until the dripping popsicles were in our anxious hands. And by the time we were finished, the swirling dyes would have painted our face. I miss that.

It helped me to realize how important community participation and recognition is. It not only helps young entrepreneurs in their business endeavors, it helps to advocate an unspoken thankfulness between each other as we occupy the same space within any community. The boy working hard behind his lemonade stand left me with a smile, and the appreciation that I was able to meet a kind soul working to provide hydration to his community on a blazing summer day. It made me thankful.

I am a happy, new member, of the Ticonderoga community. I have be given a great opportunity to work with Ticonderoga Revitalization Alliance (not too mention many other sister and brother organizations throughout Ticonderoga), helping to introduce new cultural arts initiatives, to bring people together. I hope to share with you what the boy from the lemonade stand has shared with me, appreciation and collective participation within the community.

Caroline Verner

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