Our life coaches, Style and Substance: advice on getting a new look

Michele Armani and Sally Meisenheimer

Michele Armani and Sally Meisenheimer

Dear Style & Substance:

I was out with my girlfriends last night and we decided we need a new “look”. We are all somewhere around 50. How would we go about updating our look, but not looking as though we are “trying too hard”?

To become more sure about a direction, start by looking through magazines and modify the looks of makeup, hair and clothes to something you might feel comfortable doing.

Change what you say about a cut e style by saying, “I can try that” versus, “Oh, I could never do that”. Choose an area of your look that you are most confident with and improve that; it is easy and those results will boost your confidence to experiment in the not so confident areas. There will be some risk and some failures, but this is a starting point, not a finish line.

We first checked in with our go-to makeup expert, Nicolette Terry. Her advice to a “young at heart” woman is to cultivate the look you want to achieve by identifying the qualities you want to show to the world. Do you want to be more confident, passionate, or playful? Trying any of the new “BB” (beauty balm) creams is a great way to smooth out your complexion. Brighter corals and reds for lipsticks or glosses exude confidence.

Playful gals can experiment with new eye liners and shadows that complement your eyes.

In reorganizing your closet, try pairing up new colors or separates in a different way. A sure fire way to get yourself into a fashion rut is to “match” everything. Over matching is a hard habit to break, but it dates you, so start with small changes by mixing patterns or wearing a bold color shoe. Monochromatic dressing can be chic and stylish but it can also be too safe and cause you to look frumpy. Find your signature color and have fun.

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