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Just about everyone knows one of these “haters.” They frequently speak ill of just about everyone except their friends and family and sometimes their anger towards themselves is so great that they include friends and family in their attacks. I have always concluded that they seek to make others unhappy because they are so empty and unhappy themselves.

It is difficult not to take issue with these toxic individuals; however, it may only add to our own misery not theirs. One thing that is known in science and in the realms of commons sense is that one sure way to make ourselves happy is by doing nice things for others or by helping others. Scientific research has demonstrated that nothing lights up an MRI of the brain more than just thinking about being compassionate to another human being. Don’t let your instinct for revenge take you over because it will never make you happy just as the person who has wronged you could tell you.

We can also create happiness by choosing to give our lives purpose by choosing something that is especially meaningful to us as individuals. It may be helping out the effort to save abandoned dogs and cats or abandoned people young and old for that matter. It might include a cause far away where life’s circumstances are far more desperate than here.

Whatever it might be, making a conscious choice to better the world around you will add happiness and dimension to your life. After all, life is neither perfect nor terrible all the time but rather it is in a constant state of change.

While life does offer little imperfections such as a long line of traffic, failed washing machines, toothaches and bad hair days, life offers many more joys to those who are open to receiving them.

It is possible to make a choice to celebrate life every day. One more day to love your precious children, one more day to hug and kiss the love of your life, one more day to laugh or cry with your friends and one more day to honor our parents and grandparents. One more day to celebrate just being alive with all the good and not so good.

Today, find a reason to celebrate being alive, we are all more fortunate than we know.

Remember, all kids count.

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