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While everyone wants to happy, the pain of unhappiness seems especially difficult for young people.

Perhaps as people age, they come to terms with themselves and others around them. Our lives are so full of appointments, activities and work that we can easily lose sight of the present moment and all that it holds. Much is lost as we are preoccupied with yesterday or tomorrow. Simple pleasures are abundant if we become aware and allow them to occur.

Routine activities can reveal pleasure if we will only turn off the TV, the texting and surfing the internet. Consider eating an apple, bring it to your nose, its fruity aroma filling your nostrils, notice its taught shiny skin, hear the crunchy crack as you bite into it and taste the pulpy, shower of tart juice that engages your senses. All would be missed if the senses are occupied elsewhere.

While we are not in the present moment life goes on anyway, with or without us. I am frequently reminded that everything around us is temporary.

Our children are in diapers one day and before it is time to let them go they are gone. Our once unwrinkled faces take on life tracks around the eyes and mouth and our once taught waistlines give way to the onslaught of calories collected and unburned.

Naturally, we will all age and come to an end here on earth; we begin this process the second that we are born. Armed with this information it makes sense to enjoy every bite of food, every drink, every opportunity to feel good by doing good for others and every minute out in the natural world.

Though our time on earth is relatively short, 75.4 years for men and 80.5 years for women, there are those among us who spend extravagant amounts of time attempting to make those around them miserable.

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