Disagrees with commentary

Governor Cuomo does not have a majority in the Senate and Assembly who pledged that they would not allow a leader to have a second term and they would accomplish that by not working with him to run this country. They have brought this United States to a standstill. Maybe if Congress could work together with the President instead of disrespecting him we could get things done.

I am sure that President Obama had prepared himself to have a large job on his hands but could he have imagined all the problems to be solved? He made an uplifting speech at the inauguration in hopes that the nation would feel some joy. Would you rather he had listed all the problems we faced and turned a happy day into a dismal day?

Governor Cuomo has done a fine job in New York State and maybe someday he will take his good work to a Federal position but don’t try to compare one state’s leader to one who governs fifty.

Ed and Jean Schiffler,


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