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Michele Armani and Sally Meisenheimer

Michele Armani and Sally Meisenheimer

Getting a better job takes persistence and the ability to not take rejection too personally. Encourage her to get her resume in shape, practice her response to why she left that good job (using some humor will certainly humor the employer) and then just “throwing lots of darts at the job board”. If she can make this a routine in her life, she will get so she is not so emotionally wrapped up in each application, test or cover letter. Applying for a variety of jobs is an opportunity for reinvention and exploring areas of interest she may have pushed aside for the security of a steady and predictable job working for the government.

Getting involved in some new community activities is also a chance to restart her life. Attending new and interesting events with friends may just open her up to finding love and new friendships that she can let develop more slowly.

Mr. Rogers said, “that which is most painful, is most universal”, which in our interpretation means that we all have success and failures - we can all understand loss and gain. Owning the mistake or loss is half the battle, moving on is the other half.

Being a good friend means supporting and encouraging someone when they are down. Keep up the good work on your end as well!


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