Keeseville dissolution gets heated

The home page of the Keeseville dissolution study committee’s website, keeseville.ning.com.

The home page of the Keeseville dissolution study committee’s website, keeseville.ning.com.

— “What the supervisors are saying is not impossible,” Bressette said.

“It’s not for me to come in here and say that these numbers are not accurate when you guys know what your work load is,” Guimond said. “You're not looking to be a hero. I think that we should respect the two supervisors sitting here.”

“I don’t see this as not respecting the supervisors,” King insisted. “I think that it is about substantiability. I don't think that adding 800 people and not have some increases along the line of some kind.”

“I am not inheriting the 800 people; we have already had the 800 that are part of the village in our town,” Morrow said. “I already have those people in my town and take care of them very well.”

Senecal agreed.

Weidmann said that there were other ways to deal with a perception problem.

“There may be a perception problem, but there are creative ways around that which differ from the numbers solutions,” he said. “Maybe you have a transition position that is in place for one year.”

Commission v. district

King also expressed concern that the dissolution process needed to include a water and sewer commission, instead of relying on the two towns to create special districts, the common option in most towns.

“The citizens are going to want to know what is going to happen,” King said. “I have watched the fire commission work well for years. It would convince me that things are fair and balanced.”

Clodgo said that he felt it would bring more trust into the process.

“There is not a bunch of trust in the politicians,” Clodgo said. “There is a lot of concern that one town will control water and one town will control sewer. The way you make sure it does not happen is to have one commission that controls the whole thing.”

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