Column way left of center

To the Times of Ti:

I feel obligated to comment on the collaborative effort of the Editorial Board, which appears from the article to be way left of center. Let me respond with some degree of animosity.

1) Americans contrary to the position you have taken want spending on education and health care to be brought under control. The overall corruption and political correctness along with the Union influences in Chicago bring any results from studies into question, including an educational institution such as the University of Chicago!

2) Your collaborative opinion on the public education funding is so wrong and misleading, a correction is in order with next edition. 3.5% Federal, 48.7% State and Local, and the balance by the tax payers. As a citizen of NYS and the US of America I will advise that I contribute towards 100% of the costs. The taxpayers you are referring to for the balance are property owners and subjected to property taxes that have no reflection on their income or ability to pay them!

3) We the people need to take control and provide funding as we see fit to meet our obligation to educate our youth. We should provide an amount we feel sufficient and have the Administrators develop the educational priorities and allot the funding from the amount provided not just demand more funding every year, we the people can no longer afford this method.

4) Cuba, number one as percentage of GDP, they don't have a GDP! Please don't twist facts to create some left wing Liberal Union backed spending plan. Studies will suggest there is no relationship between spending and results in the educational systems, backed by statistic of private school spending and results!

5) Taxpayers are fed up, wake up, control and prioritize you spending, this is directed to the Superintendents.

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