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Aerial stunt turns tragic

In full view of 20,000 persons gathered in Hillside Park near Bellville, N.J., Tom Moore, who has executed parachute drops at the park for five seasons, fell from the bar of his parachute and was dashed to death 1,200 feet below.

He had been sitting on the bar of the parachute and lost his balance. Before the ascent he had refused to put on a life belt and laughed saying it wasn’t necessary. He then pitched backward from the bar and fell headlong. Tom Moore, 25, was unmarried.

Welsh singer performs here

Griffith Hughes of New York, known as the Welch baritone, is making his first visit to Warrensburgh and is staying at the Warren House. Hughes is a soloist in one of the largest Fifth Avenue churches. Hughes has studied abroad with Jean de Reske, the famous operatic tenor and Madame Lili Lehman, the great Wagnerian soprano.

Hughes has been engaged to sing two solos July 7, 1912 at Christ Church, Methodist Episcopal, in Glens Falls. (Note…Lili Lehman, 81, one of the greatest sopranos of her day, died in 1929 having a repertory of 170 roles. The popular Warren House hotel once stood across Main St. from today’s Ray’s Liquor Store.)

Little kids, big trouble

A little son of Ray Prouty, of Sodom, secured possession of a can about half full of kerosene oil and drank quite a quantity of it. Some of it went up his nose and nearly strangled him and the nauseous dose made him ill, but he is now rapidly recovering from its effects.

In other news, Mr. and Mrs. Ulrie Van Dusen, of Warrensburgh, moved from one house to another in Lewisville (River St.) and in the confusion of settling in their new home their little daughter secured a small bottle of carbolic acid which was used as a disinfectant and climbing on the bed pulled out the cork, spilling some of the contents on her hands and in the bed. The little girl was badly burned as was also her parents when they later retired for the night. (Note: The Van Dusen family was one of the several families who lost their homes in the June 3, 1912 fire that devastated Lewisville, which was recounted in the June 9, 2012 Adirondack Journal.)

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