Sometimes you just gotta get a little mad

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We’ve all felt it.

Your face grows flush, brow muscles move in and down and you stare, hard at your target as your nostrils flare and your jaw clenches. Suddenly, your heart rate increases, preparing you to move, and blood flow to the hands quicken in anticipation of striking, as beads of perspiration break out over your body.

Someone recently asked me why I would ever let myself become angry. That indiividual suggested I meditate and find balance in my life and ultimately rid myself of all anger.

I asked why anger was detestable, embarrassing and inappropriate.

Anger is an emotion related to one’s psychological interpretation of having been offended, wronged or denied, and it is normal and involves a strong uncomfortable and emotional response to a perceived provocation.

We are encouraged to express love, happiness and sadness.

But not anger.

We are told not to repress love, happiness nor sadness.

But keep anger to yourself.

All sorts of self-proclaimed gurus witness someone expressing anger and say, “The key is to remain calm. Let the anger pass through you and do not let it control you for even a second.” I’m positive each individual saying that has buttons, that if found and pushed, cause them to tip tables over and break statues of pagan gods.

Some seek the so-called root of anger and smile smugly and point. When in reality, it’s as simple as someone was cruel to your kid and you’re in full Terminator mode. I would say to this emotion expert, “While you’re dissecting my response, I’ll be handling the situation, and I am perfectly fine with that.”

Some deem anger socially inappropriate. The bunch nearby can’t stop using the n word and you’re granddaughter is black, but don’t get ticked off. You’ve been laid off after 20 years so your company’s CEO can get his yearly bonus and stockholders can dream of rolling in money, but don’t raise your voice and tell the place to kiss your butt on the way out the door.

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