Character matters

To the Times of Ti:

As I read the letter a few weeks ago from John Sharkey of Ticonderoga, with regard to “Does Character Matter,” I couldn’t agree more. Mr. Sharkey points out that elected officials should be held to a higher standard and being qualified for a position is only part of what a candidate needs. It takes honesty and morals for one to be considered as a candidate and unfortunately many running for political office fall short.

Voters are often swayed by vast amounts of money used by one candidate to put down his/her opponent and all too often the wrong person is elected. This brings me back to the statement “Does Character Matter?” In my opinion “Character” is the first thing I look for in a candidate.

Looking at the coming Presidential election the choice is easy, as our President Barrack Obama has shown more “Character” than his opponent by simply showing he cares and telling the truth to the American public. His opponent Mitt Romney has flooded the news media with innuendo and outright lies in an attempt to win the vote! While I don’t agree with every move President Obama makes I believe he has the interest of every American in his heart.

His accomplishments such as ending the war in Iraq, fighting for Veterans rights, saving the American Auto Industry, taking out Osama bin Laden and others who attacked our Country shows “Character” as well as morality. As a Veteran I know only too well how our wounded warriors were being treated before President Obama took office. Mitt Romney and his fellow Republicans have shown through their lies about everything from Health Care to who is responsible for America’s biggest financial crisis, that they have no “Character” or morals. This November Americans have a choice and as Mr. Sharkey pointed out “Character“ matters. One must ask themselves do I want a President who is truthful or one that tells lies and changes his story each time the audience changes.

Gary P. Guido,


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