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I can’t help but notice that, given the time the Court had to deliberate the merits of the legislation, the positions on both side of the argument, the current public opinion regarding the Affordable Health Care Act and the opinion shared by many that the vote would come down to Justice Kennedy’s vote, that once it became apparent to the court members that it was to be a 5-4 split decision upholding the constitutionality by considering it a tax and not a forced mandate, that the justices did two things to posture the court. Firstly, they found a solution by sending the final decision on Affordable Health Care back to the people, leaving its future in the hands of the voters during the fall election. Secondly, could Justice Roberts and Justice Kennedy, once they realized nothing would change the 5-4 vote, reverse roles to give the appearance of a vote not along partisan lines? Now, nobody’s saying it, but one can’t help, in this political climate, to be skeptical, especially when Justice Roberts joked that now the court has finished its session he will go to an “impregnable island fortress.” I think the court punted the ball back to the American people, and perhaps that’s where the final decision on this legislation should ultimately reside.

On the same day the court ruled on health care, we witnessed Nancy Pelosi lead more than 100 Democrats up the aisle and out of the House chamber to boycott the first of two Attorney General Holder contempt votes, saying Republicans were more interested in shameful election-year politics than getting their hands on documents for the Fast and Furious debacle. Instead of doing their jobs they stood outside and in unison shouted “Shameful – Shameful” showing their contempt for their Republican counterparts. It’s hard to respect the institution and these members with grandstanding such as this. Thankfully Democrat representative William Owens, who represents many of our readers, stayed on the floor and voted for “transparency.” Regardless of which way he voted, he did the job he was elected to do by staying at his post and registering his vote on behalf of his constituents.

Regardless of your personal feelings on health care, immigration or the Holder contempt hearings, the craziness of all these political tactics should leave us all wondering what’s the real truth, who can we really believe and how on earth can we get these people to stop the childish fighting and get to work solving the real problems facing our nation and our children?

Dan Alexander is publisher and CEO of Denton Publications. Reach him at dan@denpubs.com.

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