Millennials Ready To Lead

In spite of issues critical to the American people such as health care, reducing unemployment, and addressing our sagging national economy, congress focused on a parallel set of priorities. They spent long hours naming post offices, ruminated over procedural protocols and largely extending existing laws.

The political inertia that has our country stalled will make it possible for Millennials to put our national focus where it rightly belongs. Talk to almost any Millennial and the first thing they will tell you is that they are very concerned about the environment. I believe that they will take this important priority in a direction that may well revolutionize America. Though others have already made energy independence a national priority, Germany has set a goal of majority independence from fossil fuels by 2050 and is in the process of closing all nuclear plants in the county after the tragedy in Japan. I believe America can still lead the world out of oil dependence and into millions of new energy focused jobs for Americans.

I am hoping that Millennials will no longer accept an America that rewards 1-percent of its people with most of its riches. Some of the worst offenders may have to have to drag their bags of gold and go away.

Millennials will help to recreate an America where everyone can prosper based on their initiative and ability. I have a lot of faith in the Millennial Generation. They will make America a better country, not because they are necessarily smarter, have more money or more technology available to them but because they care so much about their families, their friends, the environment and many other important issues.

Remember, all kids count.

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