Dangers of K2

To the Valley News:

Teens and parents should be aware of a dangerous new trend – a synthetic marijuana product commonly called K2 or Spice which can be purchased by teens legally and locally. We know that local teens are using K2 and we are very concerned. Please join our efforts to combat this drug in our community.

K2 is manufactured as incense or potpourri with the warning “not for human consumption” but marketed as a legal marijuana substitute. A synthetic THC chemical is added to produce a high similar to marijuana but with side effects including tachycardia (fast, racing heartbeat), seizures, hallucinations, paranoid behavior, non-responsiveness, heart attack and death.

The sale of K2 is legal in most US states, but banned in dozens of countries. The NY Senate passed legislation to ban the sale of K2 but the Assembly bill is currently stalled in committee. Please contact our local Assembly Member, Theresa Sayward, to express support for this bill. This can be done easily on the Assembly website – assembly.state.ny.us – or by calling her district office at 873-3803.

Since the sale of K2 is legal, it can be purchased by teens on the internet, at “head shops” and at some convenience stores, especially those frequented by trucker drivers as it is used by truck drivers to stay awake.

Please join us in our concern for the youth of our community by sharing this information with teens and their parents, and contacting Assembly Member Sayward. We also urge the local press to inform the public about this dangerous trend.

Arin Burdo, Director, Elizabethtown Social Center

David Wyant, Reconnecting Youth

Scott Hurlburt, Youth Advocate

Paul Pulsifer, Chairperson, ELYC

JoAnne Caswell, Director, Families First

Gail Tomkins, President, ELCS PTSA

Linda L. Beers, Director, Essex County Public Health

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