Cougars and lepers

The Tank

It’s sensitivity out of control. It’s people thinking in terms of worse-case scenario and not with logic and common sense.

What’s next, no more “soccer moms,” which could now be “European football chaperones?”

It’s not just this. Recently, Aardman Animation decided to change a scene in its new movie “The Pirates!,” after a trailer was criticized for its depiction of lepers.

Here’s the setup: The main character (who is not depicted as the brightest tool in the shed) boards a ship at sea looking for treasure. After he inquires about the location of the treasure, he is informed that the boat is full of lepers, which is immediately followed by the arm of the leprous spokesman falling off to illustrate the point.

I’m sorry, but that is funny. It was not done to poke fun of lepers or harm them in any way. It’s a cartoon, and even though they look really cool now, they are not real, in case there was an issue thinking that they were.

Can you imagine what would have to be taken out of the classic Looney Tunes if they were made today? The Acme Company would have never existed, and Wile E Coyote would have never known the feel of an anvil aside the head.

Remember, it’s not real. Again, think of who will sue, not with logic.

And let’s be honest, the people who would actually make a ruckus over this, or maybe other ridiculous notions like trying to say that Harry Potter books are making kids worship the devil, are dealing in a fantasy of a fantasy world. Let me repeat: NONE OF THIS IS REAL!!!! There are no wizards at Hogwarts, there are no pirates or lepers that look like the ones in the CARTOON and Corner Canyon High School did not want to warm up to the theme song of “Hot in Cleveland” (trust me, I’ve never seen the show or heard the song, but there must be one, right?).

So come back to the real world, there’s plenty of room before the world comes to an end according to the Mayan calendar.

Keith Lobdell is the Editor of the Valley News. He can be reached at keith@denpubs.com.

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