Crown Point battles rage on

To the Times of Ti:

The “Kosmider Krowd” has come unhinged. They lost an election and, rather than being gracious losers, are loaded for bear instead. Case in point: the December 2011 meeting at the Knapp Center at which time Mr. Clarke and Mr. Russell were appointed to the board of assessment review. From what I personally experienced that night, no one in that “Krowd” should ever hold a position of public trust. My companions and I, after sitting through the ranting of Mr. Kosmider, calling us liars and flies drawn to cp, became the targets of hostile and intimidating behavior by several of the men. This, in my opinion, was meant to goad us into doing something foolish. I’d never experienced anything so deplorable and frightening. Then supervisor, Ms. Kosmider, never once attempted to call for order.

And while I’m venting, let me assure you that the current town board will never allow Bob Patnode to be mistreated the way Charlie Mazurowski was at the fire house after the election. Not one member of that board intervened on his behalf. Shame on them, too!

Jan. 5, 2012 meeting at the Supervisor’s office: A changing of the guard; ground rules explained for conducting meetings in an orderly fashion. At this time, afore mentioned appointments were rescinded.

The Jan. 19 board meeting at the Knapp Center drew a full house. After business was attended to, a period of public comment was afforded to those who had signed up to speak. The first speaker, Mr. Menser, explained that he was asking this question on behalf of someone else. Stunningly, the question was, “Charlie (Harrington), are you a draft dodger?” The last draft was 40 years ago; why would such a question be relevant at this time except to cast aspersions on Charlie; character assassination by innuendo and intimidation. Well, Mr. Harrington patiently answered to the satisfaction of the questioner. I can’t imagine who the gutless wonder is that would make accusations through the mouth of a surrogate; who couldn’t muster the courage to ask Charlie man to man.

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