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Next I was called at home by the Town Hall and asked where the camcorder was; it was in my office at the Town Hall so why am I’m hearing they didn’t record the first two important meetings?

Then the new clerk called asking for my password for NYS Taxation & Finance. I explained that procedurally she would need to establish her own. I have since heard I deleted templates from the computer; most templates are on the agencies websites, with a password you can find them. I did leave a NYS Retirement System template, but not December’s – there was an additional pay period for that month and I didn’t want to create undue confusion. During that conversation with the Clerk she told me my last paycheck wasn’t direct deposited with the others. I then asked her to mail it, and now almost two weeks later it has not arrived.

Prior to the election Noel could have campaigned more, asking you to vote, but he wasn’t beating around the bushes of the infirm soliciting votes either, he was administering repairs and reimbursements needed due to spring flooding and tropical storm Irene, once again saving taxpayer money.

Family concerns took precedence this past year and reduced my available time. Noel understood the adjustments that I chose to make. Noel always allowed me to work as much as needed, but I felt compelled to keep the hours down and not draw further animosity towards him.

I am content to have been part of the changes brought to fruition these last nine years and proud of the work I have done with and for my hometown. I am pleased the Town now has access to a full time Clerk to the Supervisor. April will do a fine job and the full time hours will help her. All documentation is there, the history is there, the ground work to move forward on is solid.

Again, it was my pleasure to work for the Town of Elizabethtown.

Mary Sue Wolson


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