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The Dec. 31, 2011 Operating Statement for each fund, with accompanying balance sheets were left for the incoming administration. Federal and State taxes completed, the monthly reports for NYS Retirement and NYS Dept of Labor were filed, and tax tables were in the INBOX for the new years’ installation as were emails in regards to reports passing validation. Obsolete zip drives and disks were thrown out - they had been found to corrupt data and not warn that backups couldn’t be restored. I left a note listing agencies to contact to establish passwords. Along with that note were a bank fob (an authentication device to provide extra security when businesses bank online) and the USB drive with my last database backup. I also uploaded the December 31, 2011 dated database to the company owning the software. I left behind all town keys in my possession.

For several years I ran payroll by myself. A local bookkeeper was hired part time to ensure someone was trained to do my job should something happen to me. I believe this individual as well as those I trained in another county will attest I am competent in the payroll process. I also left behind a teaching guide specific to the Town’s payroll and a protocol book I began creating nine years ago.

There were no sit downs with the Supervisor Elect. First, she emailed requesting town files be emailed to her. Mr. Merrihew had spoken with Ms. Bartley the day before; she was to submit all requests through him. He asked me to not respond to any back door requests. Supposedly the Supervisor Elect didn’t mention that she would not be in need of my services because I failed to respond to that email. On the last day when I came in to complete some last minute work; she didn’t even raise her eyes to mine. The last time she emailed was to ask where the zip drives were she seen the day before. These are the above mentioned obsolete, discarded drives.

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