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As I leave the Town of Elizabethtown there are some concerns that I would like the opportunity to address.

This is a resume entry detailing my responsibilities at the Town of Elizabethtown these past nine years: Clerk to the Supervisor, Water Administrator, Website Designer & Administrator, Elizabethtown’s IT Support, and Technical Advisor for the Elizabethtown Court System Government Fund Accounting, maintain financial records for all funds/districts, payroll, accounts payable/receivable, reconcile bank accounts, oversee insurance benefits, NYS Retirement, monthly financials for board, assist with budget, prepare Federal & State tax reports, manage capital project and grant funded monies, compile AUD to NYS, designed/maintained website, created efficiencies within office, treasurer for joint Youth Commission, updated Fire Districts web page.

That is a full time job completed with part time hours. Now, some of the concerns:

The NYS Comptrollers audits a government entity to reflect the entity’s status from one date to another. The Comptroller’s audit coincided around the Board’s decision to move funds to a bank offering higher interest rates (one of many fiscally sound decisions). Due to bank regulations and policy the balance couldn’t transfer as a single cash deposit; I moved differing amounts of money different days to complete the transfer. The transfers did not occur as they were listed on the balance sheets and I hadn’t recorded the transactions before the audit. This was shared with the auditors and I agree the work wasn’t done in the allowable time frame. The Town was pro-active in this corrective action process and steps were implemented while the auditors were “in house”. I read that the corrective action plan was to remain in place for this administration. Why wouldn’t you want to provide the transparency of ongoing affairs – employees and bills paid, monies cared for, paperwork submitted to the board or various agencies, documentation stored, and nothing missing?

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