Life or death .. what would you do?

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Another event that surfaced this past weekend concerned a Connecticut police officer who tried in vain to save the life of a dying 10-year-old boy in November — only to be notified by city officials that his heroic effort providing mouth-to-mouth was not part of his job. The city of New Britton sent the officer a letter notifying him that should he contract any illness as a result of his actions, the city would contest any workers compensation claim made. Despite the actions of the city, officer Barbagiovanni, for his part, said he would not hesitate to attempt to save another person's life despite the entire ordeal with the city. In officer Barbagiovanni’s own words “A human wouldn't let another human sit down on the floor and die. I'd definitely do it again.”

The difference between what’s right and what’s wrong seems so straight forward when you’re not the one making the choice. But when placed in the situation forcing a split-second decision it simply comes down to the person you are, respect for yourself and respect for the life of others. Our soldiers, health care personnel, fire and police all face these decisions daily but any of us could find ourselves in a life or death situation we hadn’t prepared for at any moment, just like those on the Costa Concordia. Your life or someone else’s life? What’s the right thing to do and will your urge to choose yourself win out over everything else?

While many of us may never face such a situation, we can only hope and pray that we are never placed in such a position.

At the same time, with this week marking the 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, it raises the question regarding the rights of the unborn. Since that Supreme Court decision became law our country has been divided in protecting the weakest and most vulnerable among us. Citizens of both political parties must know that the decision to abort more than a million times a year cannot be made easily by those faced with these difficult choices.

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