Whiskey in a can?

Kids Count

The only element that might deter young drinkers may be the taste and it must be decidedly unpalatable at $5 a can. Though, if underage drinkers are seeking only to become intoxicated, mixing the eight shot can with soda or juice may camouflage the taste.

While I am flabbergasted that alcohol producers would market such a product, I am even more surprised that they are allowed to produce such a drink.

Alcohol regulators don’t seem to see the linkage between these drinks and their intended audience. In addition to one outrageous youth drink after another, alcohol advertising has increased exponentially.

According to the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, alcohol advertising aimed at youth has increased by 50-percent in the last decade. Advertising by alcohol producers with their deep pockets have often defeated the efforts of advertising by government agencies and private organizations seeking to warn young people about the dangers of underage drinking.

Honestly, I cannot think of even one reason for advertising aimed at young people to be allowed. We don’t allow tobacco producers to do it and alcohol producers shouldn’t be allowed to do it either. Large-scale advertisers such as the beer producers could explicitly state that underage drinking is dangerous by making a statement in their advertising that is aimed at adults.

These advertisers know that children like talking animals including those that have been featured in beer advertisements over the last ten years. Sure some adults find these advertisements amusing, however, advertisements that were more adult focused could also reinforce the message to youth that they are not part of the target audience.

I don’t suppose that underage drinking can be eliminated, however, do we really need to encourage underage drinking? Do we need to allow the production and marketing of drinks that seem to be aimed at youth? Hopefully, most adults would agree that the answer to both of these questions is no.

Remember, all kids count.

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