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When it came to Willsboro native Sophie Clarke being on the CBS show “Survivor,” the only place to report on the story before us was WCAX-TV, and they have a little bit of an inside edge being the CBS affiliate. We also had weekly reports following Clarke, an interview with her and her father, and followed the story all the way through her homecoming in Willsboro, something that no one else did. There are countless other examples, but I only have one column.

This past year, we have also received a lot of response to our stories. We have had people ask us how dare we cover this or put this name in the paper or report on a topic. In the same breath, we have had people say that they found those stories extremely interesting. For our re-vamped editorial page, we have been called bot bleeding heart liberals and staunch conservatives. You know what that all means together? We’re doing our jobs well.

I have seen no other entity receive so much reaction — positive or negative — about their product, and I welcome it all. If someone wants to say good job, that’s fine. If someone wants to say they don’t like what we’re doing, that’s great to. But what we are doing is something that either way, people care about, and that is the key.

What I am trying to say is, the Valley News, and Denton Publications as a whole, is a leader in local news and journalism. With video and photo galleries, everyone else has followed that lead. If you see us say we had something first on our website, it’s because we had it first, period, not because we put it on our site hours after other news outlets but before it went into the paper.

Keith Lobdell is the editor of the Valley News. He can be reached at keith@denpubs.com, at the Valley News Facebook Page, or on Twitter @ValleyNewsAdk.

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