Champlain reduces voting districts

— Several towns have asked Clinton County election commissioners to save them money when it comes to voting.

So they have responded with a plan that will consolidate voting districts, reducing the number from 70 to 53.

The Town of Champlain recently passed a resolution accepting that plan, shrinking the number of voting districts in its own area from four to three.

“We were looking at how we can save towns money and still do our job,” said Clinton County Election Commissioner Greg Campbell. “One of the ways we are looking at saving money is consolidating election districts within towns.”

With the new voting machines there is no limitation on the number of voters, leaving plenty of room to consolidate districts and have people voting on fewer machines, he said.

“If you go along with the suggestions you still have the same number of polling places, a total of two, but three districts instead of four,” Campbell said. “This would save Champlain about $3,500.”

If the town kept its districts as is, costs would go up roughly $1,400, especially if other towns reduce their districts.

“What we are proposing to do is take District 1 from the Northway west and combine it with District 3 and take the balance and combine it with District 2,” Campbell said.

District 1 would have a total of 1,038 voters; District 2, 1,080; and District 3, 1,274.

“1 and 2 would be voting at the Civic Center in Rouses Point,” Campbell said.

District 3 would vote at the town offices in Champlain.

The town would go from 17 poll workers to 12 under the change.

“Almost every town has asked if we can cut costs because costs have gone up with the new machines,” Campbell said. “It makes sense to streamline as much as possible.”

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