Stop Chopper from building

To the Adirondack Journal:

Residents of Warrensburg, if you truly care for your community and want to see it through to a better future, then talk with your local elected officials at all levels to stop the construction of a major supermarket just outside our town limits.

I am 43 years old, unemployed and would like nothing more than to work, earn and spend in my own township (understanding my tax proceeds support the local budget). Warrensburg was in a fair position to acquire a similar stake in opportunistic realization, but it seems our local leaders failed in negotiating for increasing our regional status.

Most politicians today want only to sit behind a desk and figure and fiddle exactly where they can cut spending and continually decapitate revenue resources. To be honest, any monkey can tear a page from a budget and claim they’ve made necessary tactical reductions. The leadership we have to opt for are those who have a persistence and vision to attract jobs to the area.

Ask all your local officials to come back to the drawing board and work a supermarket within our border. Incentivize the situation with a 2- to 3-year deal that funds the completion of the Richards Library expansion and the restoration of the Floyd Bennett Memorial bandstand (Floyd is our hometown hero after all), as well as raising money for school programs.

We have all read that Lake George is receiving state money to revamp the property of the former Gaslight Village and they are on the docket to claim the area’s nearest casino. As for the land that has been parceled just outside Warrensburg, an innovative procedure can create a smaller hybrid riverbank casino and motel resort. Still utilizing a free-standing bank and incorporating a ‘Main Street’ 4- to 6-storefront façade. Seriously, nobody really loses! Both municipalities gain in sustainable jobs and increased revenue enhancement.

Folks, government can create jobs — ours either doesn’t know how to, or merely lacks an interest. Warrensburg is ready for the next step in economic development and becoming a destination in the Adirondack region. But, by doing nothing we are sure to watch other towns grow around us, leaving us little more than a filling-station community.

Gerald McNeill Jr.


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