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To the Valley News:

In responding to Mr. Fenimore’s latest letter to the editor, I began by attempting to set the record straight, point by point. For instance, his statement that he was not invited to meet with the supervisor-elect is not true. I’ve seen the emails: her invitation to him, his declining the invitation because of, “not enough hours in the day this time of year.” But I found myself growing weary at the thought of spending time responding to each and every negative comment and to what I perceive: as just plain whining.

My message to Mr. Fenimore is this: first of all, straighten up and fly right, and get with the program. It is apparent that the election results have left you disgruntled and bitter, but please graciously accept the voters’ choice and move on. How much better served our town would be if you took a more professional approach and directed your criticisms and concerns directly to our new supervisor and/or other board members via face-to-face discussions, or by phone or email, and not by way of the circuitous route of a letter to the editor. This sort of public display of divisiveness does not bode well for our town and only manages to disrupt the process and cause angst in the community- and all this, even before the new administration takes office!

And secondly, Ms.Bartley’s experiences as a wife and mother, a history teacher, author, business owner, her years of service on numerous community boards, and the hours upon hours of research and advice she has sought from state agencies, and county and town officials have enabled her to hone her skills in preparation for this very job. But that doesn’t mean she would be at all averse to the guidance and advice colleagues. How much smoother the transition would be with the cooperation from a seasoned board member such as yourself. Your service of six years as town councilman is a valuable asset to the new supervisor and the two new board members. Please use this experience to help advance an atmosphere of cooperation and cohesiveness in our town government. We will all be better for it.

Evelyn Hatch


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