More union-bashing

To the Valley News:

The Valley News editorial on Jan. 7, concerning the CSEA, while thoughtful, was just more of the same union bashing we’ve been hearing so much of lately.

It really is a sad attempt to pit private and public workers against each other and to sow division among us all. Sadly, it’s a Fox News tactic.

Since when is it that a worker making $30,000 a year (your number) able to give up $1,200 (your number) without great hardship? Minimizing it by saying its just $2 per day is just poor rationalizing; its real money to someone making $30,000. Just try putting a $2 toll on the Willsboro Mountain Road and see how far people will drive to avoid it, yes even those making much more.

Instead, why not do the real yeoman work of reporters and ask where else the County could cut their budget. Maybe investigate why Supervisors get mileage to go to work (who else does?), why does a County of 39,000 people have A Public Health Deptartment that rivals the state of Vermont, an Emergency Services Deptartment equally bloated, Sheriff’s Deptartment, and on and on. Why do directors get stipends to do added duties? Usually, when you are experienced, it’s expected that you would be able to do more.

I know that managing the county budget is difficult, but blaming the lowest paid for layoffs is really just dodging the serious issues.

Just sayin…….

Anthony Palmer,


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