Indian Lake cell tower could be completed as early as summer

Verizon cell phone coverage in Indian Lake as of February 2012

Verizon cell phone coverage in Indian Lake as of February 2012

— Wells said in Indian Lake and surrounding areas cell service is needed for residents and visitors to remain connected.

“Its just needed here we need to have it,” Wells said. “It’s going to be important for safety and communications and thats what people want up here, to stay in touch.”

Bringing cellular service to the Adirondacks and other mountainous areas is more difficult than providing service to flatter regions O’Malley said.

“Wireless technology is a line of sight technology meaning each cell tower needs to see the other and relay back and forth,” O’Malley said. “Options are limited to where we can put a new cell tower so they can reach existing technology.”

O’Malley couldn’t comment on future plans to bring more cell towers into the Adirondack region for competitive reasons, but he said Verizon wireless is always looking for new locations for towers to improve cellular signals.

One way to do that is to try to identify if there is an existing structure Verizon could build their equipment onto. If there is an existing structure such as another telecommunications tower, another companies cell tower, or a water tower the process can go a lot easier O’Malley said. When there is no existing structure, like the Tower Hill project O’Malley said the process can take much longer.

“We are constantly looking at existing structures that would be suitable for our towers,” O’Malley said.

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