Super PACs harm the political process

Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

Other than those funding the PACs or those benefiting from the money spent, like major media outlets, I’ve not heard from anyone who can see anything positive or fair about this new wrinkle in the election season.

And why should they? It seems very obvious to even the most non-interested political person that this process is nothing more than a scam that will be eliminated in the near future, due to the undue influence it provides a select few and the foolish waste of millions of dollars. That money should be put to better use given the state of our economy. Why we address this error after the fact and not before can only be attributed to …”it’s just politics.”

It also clearly points out the vast divide between those who have so much wealth they have nothing better to do with it than flaunt it and those who struggle to pay the monthly mortgage and put food and the table. I have nothing against wealth, but wealth of this excess can only lead to greed and turmoil in a “me society” that seems hell bent on win at all cost. In a society where respect for each other’s rights and opportunity for all should be the responsibility of us all, the message sent by this back door, “wink-winks” only serves to damage the union and discourage voter participation.

When the votes of thousands of voters can be trumped by the influence of one very powerful member of an elite society, it jeopardizes the rights of average Americans who become pawns in a system designed and created to insure that the power rests with the people in the democracy. How the Supreme Court could interprete the granting of this form of influence over our political process in their 2010 Citizens United Ruling as anything constructive or fair is beyond comprehension.

Dan Alexander is publisher and CEO of Denton Publications. He may be reached at dan@denpubs.com.

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