Revenues at Essex County Jail down

Politi fearful of $500K shortfall

— A 42-percent decline in revenues for the first month of the year at the Essex County Jail has one supervisor concerned.

According to the monthly report of the jail, which was given to the Essex County Public Safety Committee at its Feb. 13 meeting, revenue generated by the jail in January of this year totaled $66,084.90. One year ago, that number was $113,606.66.

“We are down significantly from January 2011,” Essex County Sheriff Richard Cutting said. “The Essex County inmate count is climbing and the federal border count is declining. We did have a meeting with the Marshall’s and we expressed our concern, and we told them that we still have space. The two federal Marshall’s that came over last week were going back and trying to steer business our way.”

In 2011, Essex County was housing an average of 31.65 federal inmates in the month of January, with a high of 38 and a low of 24. This year, the jail housed an average of 19.3, with a high of 23 (one below 2011’s low total) and a low of 17.

Cutting also said the county has lost out on money it was making by housing inmates from other counties.

“We had a deal with Jefferson County, unfortunately Albany County heard about it and under-cut my rates and they are easier to reach from Watertown than we are, so Jefferson swung their business over,” Cutting said. “In the meantime, I am working with another couple of counties to try and take in some more county boarders, but we are still in the negotiating phase.”

Cutting said they have also lost revenue that was earned from housing inmates from Franklin county.

“Sheriff Mulverhill has brought in some alternatives to incarceration,” Cutting said. “He is still running right at capacity and we have an open invitation if he runs over to bring them here.”

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