JCS board asks community for help with goals

Cracker Barrel brainstorming session now open to public

Johnsburg Central School Superintendent Mike Markwica

Johnsburg Central School Superintendent Mike Markwica Photo by John Grybos.

— The Johnsburg Central School (JCS) Board of Education needs your help.

On Tuesday, March 6, starting at 6 p.m., the JCS School Board will meet with faculty, staff, students and district residents to brainstorm ideas on how to make the school district better. It’s time for the “Cracker Barrel.”

This annual event continues to include more and more people in the brainstorming process each year, according to JCS Superintendent Mike Markwica. At first, the Cracker Barrel was designed for the faculty to meet with School Board members and administrators. Then the staff was invited. Then the students. Now it’s everyone.

“Each time we’ve done this it opened up to add more people,” Markwica said. “And now the community is invited.”

The session works like this.

•When people come to the JCS cafetorium, they are assigned a different color, and they belong to that group. There will be between 5 and 7 groups.

•Each color group will sit at a different table, where two district officials (School Board members and administration staff) will take notes.

•Each table has a separate topic, including such things as sports and communication, buildings and grounds, school environment and technology or simply, “How can JCS build a more positive community relationship?” Groups discuss the topics for about 15 minutes.

•Groups will move around the room until they have stopped at each table and given input.

•The process takes about two hours.

“Our board goals are going to come from these discussions,” Markwica said.

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