SOPA and PIPPA woes

To the Valley News:

I am seriously worried by the recent bills introduced into legislation which are called SOPA and PIPPA. These bills are supposedly to stop online piracy and to allow the government to instruct the internet service provider(ISP) you are using to show the government what websites you used to see if you are downloading songs on a p2p site or watching movies free on the internet. These laws were stalled and so China/ USA crafted a new law or free trade treaty if you believe it's a free trade treaty. This is called ACTA and stands for anti counterfeiting trade agreement and is so much worse than SOPA and PIPPA because this is on and international scale. The USA and China wants to control the internet by monitoring what people are doing! People need to object to this as if the governments own the internet, we as a free nation are imprisoned and USA becomes a nation as bad as the old Germany!

James LaVair

Tupper Lake

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