Health care not a Constitutional issue

To the Times of Ti:

After reading the letter from Jeff MacMakin titled “Constitution at risk” I came away wondering if the real reason for the letter was to attack our President and not to protect our Constitution. Perhaps Mr. MacMakin had better health care 40 years ago but I surely didn’t. There are many things our Constitution does not provide for but times have changed and America has grown from a few Colonies with a population of around 5 million to a present day population of 310 million.

Our forefathers were men of vision but they were also just men. Thank God they made provisions for changes by amending or we would still have slavery and women wouldn’t be able to vote. Health care is not a Constitutional issue it is something that is needed to protect the citizens of our Country. Without Medicare we would have millions of seniors homeless because of the cost of health care.

The same goes for Social Security that also wasn’t provided for in our Constitution. As America grows the needs of its people change and we must address them. Most Americans know we must do something to bring down the cost of Medicare and stop the drain on Social Security. At the same time many who are on Medicare as I am, try to find fault with what President Obama has proposed for those not covered by it. This past year I was one of thousands whose drug cost took them into the “Doughnut Hole.” I thank God for what some call “Obamacare” as it cut in half my “out-of-pocket” drug cost. If it were not in force I would have had to pay around $2,000 more for my needed drugs.

I have no idea where or what Mr. MacMakin did to make his living but millions of Americans worked in jobs where they didn’t receive health care after retirement. The fact is that we have a population who are not eligible for programs such as Medicare and they need help. We are the greatest Country the world has ever seen and we can make health care work and keep families from bankruptcy.

If in fact the health care law is in violation of our 10th amendment then it is time to change the amendment. Our Constitution was written with the knowledge that it would need changes and the amendment process was well thought out. I will agree with Mr. MacMakin with regard to our present Congress being a mockery and not doing their job.

I disagree with respect to his assault on the health care law and linking it to our Constitution.

Gary P. Guido,


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