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Construction worker killed

Charles Flynn, 22, of Corinth, a workman in the employ of Warren Curtis Jr., in the construction of the new Corinth dam across the Hudson River, was killed the afternoon of March 6, 1912 by being pinned between a wheel of a wagon which he, with five others, was loading with sand and a five-ton piece of frozen sand and stones, which suddenly detached itself from the bank where they were working. Work was being rushed on the dam in an effort to complete it before the spring freshets set in.

The body was horrible mangled by the impact and the injured man lived only 15 minutes.

Corinth dam brings power

With the completion of the Corinth dam in the near future, flooding a large area of land from Corinth to Luzerne and far up the Sacandaga River, power will be furnished for a large pulp and paper mill.

Also, thousands of dollars will be expended in building homes for the paper men who will be brought to that section.

On the Luzerne side of the river a large and up-to-date electric plant will be erected to furnish light and power for the villages of Corinth and Luzerne.

In other Corinth news, a petition bearing the signatures of 20 freeholders of the village asking for the extension of the corporation line of the village in an easterly direction was presented Feb. 28, 1912 to the board of village trustees.

Weather madness experienced

One day recently a young man passed through Chestertown driving two dogs hitched to a sleigh. With all the cold and snow and seeing the fur-clad driver and the dog team, a person standing on the street could easily imagine himself to be in the Klondike.

Washington’s birthday anniversary on Feb. 22, 1912 will be remembered because of the great variety of weather. The day began with a snowstorm which turned into rain, accompanied by thunder and lightening - a regular summer-type shower which again changed to snow and a heavy wind. The day ended with a small blizzard. On Feb. 26, 1912, 12 and a half inches fell on Bakers Mills.

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