New insertion machine beneficial at Denton Publications

Bill Coats operates Denton Publications new insert machine.

Bill Coats operates Denton Publications new insert machine. Photo by Katherine Clark.

— The Denton Publications main office in Elizabethtown has a new insert stuffing machine to improve the way readers get their news and coupons.

The new machine, the Kirk Rudy 512 Insert Machine, will allow papers to be produced much faster, with more inserts for the desired destinations, according to Daniel Alexander, President and publisher of Denton Publications.

The new machine has the capability of inserting up to eight fliers compared to the former insert machine, the Muller 227, which could only handle five inserts. The company plans to utilize both machines to decrease production time.

“With the new machine we can run twice as many inserts per hour as we could before,” Productions Manager Bill Coats said.

The new machine increases the possible number of inserts for the over 325,000 papers the company prints every week.

For advertisers, it also allows easier handling of a variety of flier styles. From glossy print pages to flat paper inserts the machine can handle the pages with less damage.

“Because of the diversity in styles of a lot of the inserts, we see the new machine will allow us to more easily distribute different sized, shaped and textured advertisements with our papers,” Alexander said.

The machine also has an Ink Jet labeling system that prints and places address labels for papers that are put into mailboxes to be stacked in the order the carrier will deliver them.

Alexander said the machine will reduce the need for “pre-stuffing” inserts the former machine couldn’t handle. It will also allow for advertisements and fliers to be designated to the area of destination which will cut down on production time and increase productivity.

“As most businesses are losing productivity, we are doing the exact opposite,” Alexander said.

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