Internet dangers

To the Valley News:

Earlier this week our email account was hacked into and everyone in our address book was sent an email that we were in a foreign country, had been mugged, were now stranded and needed funds to be wired to us immediately so we could come home. This was a scam. We knew it because we have received emails similar to this in the past. Unfortunately several of our friends and acquaintances did not know it was a scam and were ready to send us funds so we could come home. Some replied to the false email, sending emails directly to the hackers who had altered our email address slightly.

This letter has a twofold purpose. First, we want to alert your readers to this type of scam so they can be knowledgeable and vigilant regarding their own email. Do not respond to this type of email and do not forward funds. In addition, we have had to set up a new email account and we lost our address book and all past emails.

Second, we want to express our appreciation to those who were so ready to help us in our “time of need.” We were touched by their concern. We received many phone calls and emails from people making sure we were okay. We are concerned about people who didn’t check things out first and may have been duped by this scam. Hopefully, no one wired funds – but we might never know.

Colleen and Jim Van Hoven


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