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To the Valley News:

Trashing our Constitution and freedom is nothing new for our Government, so Obama's recent forcing of birth control on us shouldn't surprise anyone. We have for decades told other Governments to force things on their populations that violate their religious beliefs. The last decade has shown the blowback from this which continues to escalate especially in the middle east.

Our rights (Constitution) will continue to be eroded and we will continue to slip further into socialism. This will happen since we feel "we must compromise to get things done". Well if you always compromise towards socialism that is what you eventually get. The TEA party has been making an attempt to compromise towards freedom, something they get hammered on by the Press as being uncompromising.

This all may not matter. As with Greece we are quickly reaching our borrowing ceiling. Once we hit it all bets are off on how things shake out. We already owe more than we all own, so we cannot sell everything to pay it off. We continue to experience rising inflation, all while Ben Bernanke tells us there isn't any, which will only accelerate.

Now to Presidential Candidate Ron Paul, See his 2002 prediction on youtube : www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifJG_oFFDK0

Now pick your jaw off the floor and help get him elected.

Tim Sherman,


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