Keene town supervisor's use of town fuel under question

Community members and board members clash over Ferebee’s use of town fuel

“At no time was my intent to take anything from the town as you know that during the town audit it was one of my focuses to establish a better tracking system for town fuel which I did,” Ferebee wrote Bowen.

“So now with the rumor all over town that I stole gas from the town so the question I have should I contact the comptrollers office with this because I’m sure that someone from the town will.”

Bowen responded that he intended to forward the e-mail to his supervisor, Gary Gifford.

“So if any one calls our office we can say that you informed us of the matter,” Bowen wrote in his response.

During the Feb. 15 meeting of the Keene town board, about 15 Keene residents, more than double the usual number of attendees, showed up angry over Ferebee’s actions.

Keene resident Roy Sheasby questioned the board’s decision to not press charges against Ferebee.

“Under article 199 of the penal code this is a official misconduct, a Class A Misdemeanor,” Sheasby said. “You have absolutely no more right to take a gallon of gasoline out of that gas pump, whether it’s locked or unlocked, than anyone else here.”

Sheasby said because Ferebee used gas paid for by taxpayer’s money for his own use, it should at the least be considered petty larceny.

Ferebee said the people who are coming out and accusing him of theft are people who have been caught in one way or another stealing from the town.

“Because I’m the town supervisor and they have an axe to grind they are accusing me of this,” Ferebee said. “It’s a non issue, I’ve spoken with town lawyers and county lawyers and no one thinks I’ve done something unexcusable, this was an emergency situation and people are just going on rumors.”

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