Working on Elizabethtown sewer system

Guest Viewpoint

Elizabethtown has a history of economic ups and downs. Some people remember the restaurants and motels that once lined Route 9 before I-87, the Northway was built. Others remember the big hotels that were filled with summer tourists. But over the years, Elizabethtown’s economy has changed dramatically. We are now a government center, providing services to people from all over the region. Monday through Friday more than 700 people a day come into Elizabethtown to work. We need them to spend their money here, get their cars repaired, play a round of golf and even consider buy a home and moving here.

In the past decade Elizabethtown has lost more residents (11.5-percent) than any other Essex County town. We’ve also lost several small businesses, and our school population has dropped 25-percent. Less people mean fewer shoppers, taxpayers and workers. What can we do to re-energize Elizabethtown and bring people back to our town? We need people to buy and remodel older homes, join our churches, and volunteer in our fire department. We need new businesses, a laundromat, a car wash, more shops, more restaurants and affordable office space. Several people have spoken to me about constructing new buildings or upgrading old ones, but these projects are held back by our lack of a sewer system.

Waste Water treatment plant

In 2007 Elizabethtown received a grant for 1 million dollars to pay for the planning and design of a waste-water treatment plant. That grant will expire on December 21, 2012. To date 75-percent of the grant has been spent preparing for a “green, eco friendly” system, located behind the golf course maintenance shed. The last part of the plan is getting the necessary easements from property owners. This work must be done in the next few months in order for the project to become shovel ready.

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