Benefit of the doubt over judgement

From the Editor's Desk

People have also made comments about his lack of speech, equating it to neglect by me. Samuel may never utter more than a few words, relying on his own form of crude sign language to communicate.

I'm not the only person who has experienced such judgement. It happens all the time. People come across something they don't understand and instead of accepting they just might not understand everything, they pass judgement.

These judgements not only cause pain, but given the reality of the situation, they are often obnoxious.

So maybe next time you see something you don't quite understand and which possibly even rubs you the wrong way, hold back on the judgement and instead extend the benefit of the doubt that it is not as it seems and you simply, do not understand.

Stephen Bartlett is editor of the North Countryman and The Burgh. He may be reached at stephen@denpubs.com.

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